Session 7 – Week 3

Gratitude is not only the greatest of all virtues, but the parent of all others.”

– Marcus Tullius Cicero


Another amazing week just flew by at THA! Here’s what our warriors were up to:

Morning Launches and Socratic Discussions: Our THA warriors spent the week diving deeper and deeper into our quality of the session: GRATTITUDE. They engaged in discussions about what gratitude exactly means, how it is best expressed,  and what impact it has both on ourselves and others, when we when we express gratitude with sincerity. We explored the work of Dr. Robert Emmons, the “Science of Gratitude,” and how an attitude of gratitude is essential to well being and a joyful life. We also read poems and watched videos that helped us remember people and things in our own lives that we should be grateful for.  Additionally, we watched some very motivational videos including some powerful secrets to success by Will Smith and this inspiring video of Mandy Harvey, a young woman who lost her ability to hear at the age of 18 yet persevered to continue learning music and succeeded just recently on the big stage! We also watched this amazing video on The Power of Words during a Writer’s Workshop launch as our Elementary Warriors worked on their end of the year blog posts. As usually, every inspiring video was just the beginning, acting as a spark to thought-provoking Socratic dialogue that occurs frequently in our studio.

Other highlights: Additionally, our heroes worked on their Independent Study Quests, on Writer’s Workshop, enjoyed revisiting our football and basketball units in PE as we wrap up the year, worked on their art projects, and are finalizing their skits for Sanskrit. Our end of the year portfolio review meetings have been simply amazing! It has been a great experience to look back on the year with an extensive portfolio they have put together that highlights such meaningful experiences and explicitly shows their growth. We also really enjoyed the school picnic thrown by our THA Parent Committee last week as well as the Yoga and Nutritional Food classes every Tuesday! THA Warriors were also quite excited to test out their new playground!

During town hall, in addition to discussing any studio related concerns, our Warriors came up with different themes for each day of our last week of school, a “Spirit Week.” Monday is pajama day! See you next week!





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